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February 02 2015


Clarifying Essential Components For Candy Crush

Building a brand is one of the most important things you can do for your app or apps business. Why? Just look at the success of Angry Birds brand, valued at over $1.2 billion. It's not the Angry Birds game that holds the value... the value is in the brand. The brand is the reasons why Angry Birds have been able seal entertainment and merchandising deals, launch additional apps and exponentially grow their business. So how do apps like Angry Birds and Clash of the clans build billion dollar brands? Let's take a closer look.

There are a lot of Facebook users worldwide-and one out of four of them are playing Facebook games. To give you a raw number, 250 million people play games through Facebook today, up 11 percent from 2012. Some 927,000,000 total hours are spent each month on Facebook games, which helps Facebook make tons of money. In fact, the social networking site made $1 billion in 2011 thanks to social gaming.

This means that people are using more and more mobile devices, as they want to stay connected whilst on the move. Although tablet PCs and net-books have contributed to the portability of the net, nothing has made more of a contribution than that of the smart phone. The smart phone has literally revolutionised mobile Internet access for billions of users that access email, surf or while away time on a free candy crush saga website.

That is changing this week. It was announced on the Playstation blog that Angry Birds will be joining the line-up of Playstation Mini games available for download to PS3 and PSP systems this week. The port will not be a full version (it will contain only 63 levels), but it is interely possible that it will see updates in the future if it is successful.

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